Domino’s Spices Up Pizza Delivery

In efforts to deliver pizza in pristine condition, Dominos launched its Ultimate Delivery Vehicle Project which crowd-sources vehicle design ideas from its consumers as seen here.

From 12 ahead:

Dominos realized that their pizza delivery vehicles are often just the drivers’ personal cars, thus the vehicles are by no means optimized for transporting hot pizza and cold drinks in a safe and effective way. Keeping these considerations in mind, the company asked fans to submit their own version of the ultimate pizza delivery vehicle and incentivized them with a $10,000 grand prize for the winning designer. Ultimately, Dominos aims to buy the prototype design for its employees, proving its dedication to delivering pizza that’s nearly perfect.

Why I’m Curious: The pizza take-out brand has a tendency to develop campaigns that address its faults. Through this strategy, Dominos has managed to create a long-standing reputation for receiving customer feedback and improving products accordingly. I am interested to watch how this element of creative crowd-sourcing will not only impact brand affinity but also product quality. I love that Dominos puts such emphasis on the consumer voice that they are willing to re-invent their entire delivery system. I’m curious to examine ways other brands might take a similar approach to incorporate their product feedback so directly in a campaign.

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