A Different Look at Drinking & Driving


Everyone knows you shouldn’t drink and drive, and there have been s campaigns that attempt to stop adults from getting behind the wheel after a few drinks. Insurance company Allianz teamed up with OgilvyOne Brazil to install “Drunken Mirrors” in the bathrooms of bars and clubs, with the hopes of giving partygoers a different view on drinking and driving.

From PSFK,

These mirrors look like normal mirrors, so it comes as a surprise when they pause just a moment too long before changing. In other words, the mirror’s own reactions are delayed to simulate how a person’s reflexes are slowed down after a couple of drinks.

Why I’m Curious

There have been countless campaigns to try to stop drinking and driving, but hardly any take this approach. A majority of campaigns play up the potential horror of losing a loved one or being responsible for a death yourself.

The Drunk Mirror looked like a game at first to consumers in the bar, until the messaging appeared on the screen. I think it’s a great example of how emerging tools and technology can be incorporated to a variety of campaigns – whether their objective is serious or playful.


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