From The Next Web:

Airbnb released a feature in June called “Wish Lists” allowing its users to add properties to a list of places that they’d like to visit someday. It seems like the feature has caught on, because since its launch, over one million properties have been added to a Wish List.
Why I’m curious:

As marketers, we sometimes leave aspirational purchase musings to the wayside while focusing on pushing committed transactions. However, as Airbnb’s success with Wish Lists suggests, perhaps we should think of aspirational purchases as not just a midway point to actual purchase, but also a point of seed-planting amongst their circles.

Think of Wish Lists like an internal Pinterest — they’re equally effective as brag boards or a planning tool or as gift lists, and the social component of “hearting” (read: the equivalent of Facebook’s “liking”) means the spread of one item can reach many.

The full rundown on the traction Wish Lists have been getting:

– Users have added over 1 million hearts

– The number of repeat daily Wish Listers has increased 3.5x

– 45% of users that login each day engage with Wish Lists:

– 6K people each day heart something

– 25K hearts are being added every day

– The average Wish Lister adds four hearts per day

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