Filters filters filters….

I’m 99.9% sure I was born with a camera in my hand. And for those who weren’t, photography is now even more democratic, with cameras built-in to nearly any and every device a lens can fit. And believe me, I love the idea of photo-sharing, I really do (it’s where the fun is) and social networks have enabled photography and sharing to blossom. But one thing that really gets me going is filters. Not a thing against Instagram, but man, the filters and the sense of false nostalgia those sort of images infer just drive me bonkers. Why try to simulate the past when you can make your own history? I won’t judge you if you use ’em, but you won’t see me filtering anytime soon. I digress.

I can’t be the only curmudgeon out there, because a little something called Normalize just launched. Normalize is a filter-removing app that does exactly what it says: returns filtered photos back to their mundane glory. You can read more details about how it works and how the program was written directly from creator Joe Macirowski on his blog. It’s dead fool-proof, with a sliding scale that allows users to decide the amount of “normalizing” applied to the photo. The privilege of using the app will cost you a paltry $0.99, by the way.

On a personal note, it gets close to returning an image to its original state, but like most things, not 100%. For reference:

Why I’m Curious

We all saw this one coming, didn’t we? I don’t think it’s marking a wave in realism, as some other bloggers have speculated; instead, it’s a way of applying yet another (real-life) filter to existing content… in short, another way for users to manipulate and control the world around them. Thanks, internet.

And I promise I won’t rant about filters ever again.


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