Ustream’s New BFF

There’s a big party happening in Silicon Valley tonight, and Ustream is hosting… This live streaming service company will be celebrating the launch of their new BFF – Broadcast For Friends app. Not only does it boast a rather clever name, Ustream has finally developed the technology I’ve been waiting to see for so long – the ‘Instagram’ of live video.

From Tech Crunch:

To start creating a video, you just enter a short description, a privacy setting (whether you want it to be viewable to everyone, just to your Facebook friends, or entirely private), and choose filter. Then video is posted on your Facebook Timeline, and here’s the fun part — your friends can start watching live footage, directly from Facebook. When people leave comments or “like” your video, you get notified as you’re filming within the app. Once you’re done filming, the video switches from a livestream to a recording.

Why I’m Curious:  As we’ve seen throughout previous Curious Friday posts, there is clearly a lot of interest in mobile video sharing over the past few months. I’m curious to see how this app will perform against big competitors like Socialcam and Twitvid who failed to tap into live video manipulation. The possibilities for leveraging this for a brand’s social channel are quite substantial. I would particularly love to see the way Verizon could create a user generated BFF campaign around having fans sharing their livestreaming moments.

(Note: I wish I had this app last night to document the mcgarrybowen shark races happening on the 3rd floor)


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