Tweeting Shoes – from Jaime

After a busy two weeks customizing shoes with memorable Olympic moments crowd sourced via its Facebook page, Adidas has released this video which shows the brand taking the campaign one digital step further.

The video features one of the artists behind Adidas’ All In campaign, Nash Money, showing us his process for designing a pair of prototype tweet-receiving shoes.

Customizing a pair of red adiPower Barricade shoes with a mini LED screen, this allows fans to send tweets to their favorite athletes while they are on the court, showing up on the kicks in real-time. While the video sees the pair seemingly hardwired, a wireless connection could be easily adapted, if Money is correct in thinking that this creation could be a regular by 2016.


Why I’m curious: We keep asking how brands can use Twitter or other social platforms to deliver utility to it’s customers, and this is one way that a brand literally ties the product to the value of the platform. No pun intended! Would like to see more of this kind of thinking among other brands.



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