Peugeot’s Pinterest-ing Puzzel

From 12 ahead:

Peugeot Panamá is trying something different in its latest competition giveaway, by asking users to participate in pinning the missing pieces of pictures of Peugeot models, sending uses scavenging through the web.

Capitalising on the visual nature of the site, users are presented with a five-piece picture of, for example, a Peugeot 107. They must then search among the Peugeot website and its Facebook fan page, spot the images and pin them to a personal board they have created before sharing it with the automotive company. The first five to submit their completed boards win.


Why I’m Curious

This idea, is very similar to one that the VZW team came up with a few months ago for their Disney sweeps. Though it was never implemented, it is definitely a great way to use Pinterest. I am interested in seeing how well this program is received and the number of participants that is garners. Pinterest hit a high point a few months back, but the creative uses of it have been few and kind of far between. I think it would be great to see some renewed interest and activity on the platform.




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