Ben & Jerry’s Asks, Do You “Wanna Spoon”?


To help promote their Greek Frozen Yogurt, Ben & Jerry’s launched a new Facebook app called “Wanna Spoon”. The app scours users’ friends’ profiles, looking for anything they might have in common including favorite foods, brands they like and even relatives with the same name, to receive a coupon to try Ben & Jerry’s Greek Frozen Yogurt

From AllFacebook,

When a user selects a friend chosen by Wanna Spoon, the app will then post a message on the friend’s page, with this message: “Using a fancy algorithm, Ben & Jerry’s decided we’d make great spooning partners.” The message will include a coupon for the company’s Greek Frozen Yogurt, encouraging the two users to share the goodies.

Why I’m Curious

Ben & Jerry’s seems to always get it right. Their product is simple and fun, and they embrace it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ben & Jerry’s try to make a connection that wasn’t there.

Also, various brands try different ways to ways to connect Facebook users and increase sharing, sometimes trying to make connections that aren’t obvious to the consumer. Ben & Jerry’s shows that while you should think outside of the box (or carton!), using traits that inherent to your brand the user experience will provide a more integrated campaign.


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