The World’s First Digital T-shirt

Plain white, deep-V, cut-off sleeve or neon – there are plenty of ways to sport your favorite summer 2012 t-shirt fashion. In fact, Gap likes their summer tees so much that they decided to showcase their selection on a few billboards around town. But one company has recently decided that this outer wear staple seems just a bit too… analog.

Ballantines, whose previous digital experiments have included the tattoo-based Human API, has embarked up its “Leave an Impression” campaign and partnered with Work Club to create this T-Shirt OS technology.

(From Mashable)

The concept: A T-shirt with an ultrathin LED screen that’s connected to the Internet (via a mobile app on your smartphone) and can display tweets, your Intstagram feed and even take photos and play music from your iTunes playlists. The teaser video above hopes to gauge consumer interest. So, if you like their bright idea, then visit the brand’s Facebook Page.

Why I’m Curious: Ever since I saw Katy Perry wear light-up dress to the Met Gala a few years back, I’ve been thinking it’s only a matter of time before we start to see a literal intersection of fashion and digital technology. Though I’m curious to see how Work Club will help this campaign tie back to Ballentine’s whiskey products, I think the brand awareness they have the potential to build here could make substantial waves for them. The sheer awesome-level of Work Club and CuteCircuit’s T-shirtOS idea amps up the campaign’s virality. I’m particularly interested in seeing the endless ways that our brands may leverage the social elements of such wearable and walkable technology.


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