Tag Me if You Can!

– by Nicole

In Australia and New Zealand Expedia has launched a Youtube-based contest that takes geo-tagging to a whole new level of fun. In their new contest, Tag Me If You Can, Nathan Jolliffe (a local Australian surfer) travels around the world to 15 secret locations. Every day he gives out clues to participants to guess where he is and tag his location within 10 meters.

Each time a tag is dropped, users will be told whether they’re “Red Hot, Hot, Warm or Cold” to indicate how close (or far) they are to the destination. Each winning tagger receives a piece of the $150,000 cash prize.

Why I’m Curious 

I’m particularly interested in whether other travel brands will choose to create promotions like this that go beyond category norms. This contest really packs a punch by using YouTube and creating a microsite in addition to all the other social media channels.

Besides giving a consumers a fun, interactive travel guide, Expedia leveraged this “Where’s Waldo” type structure to keep participants engaged. We’ve seen contests like this succeed before (i.e. Rihanna’s Unlocked, Sephora’s 30 Days of Beauty) so there’s something to say about the effectiveness of the structure.


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