Send Data with a Chirp is a new iPhone app that works like a link sharing service with musical versions of QR codes. Users upload whatever they want to share (whether it be a picture, video, or message) to Chirp’s cloud storage, which is then converted to a series of 20 musical notes. Any device that is enabled with Chirp within earshot of your phone can decode the melody and access the data being sent.

It’s a cute way to share photos, videos and documents between devices. But what makes Chirp stand out is that because it’s using sound, Chirp can reach much wider base of data transmitting devices to build from – like radios.

Why I’m Curious

I was first interested in Chirp because it seems like such a cute idea, but I’m curious as to how it can work differently from apps like Evernote that sync the same information on multiple devices. Also, by using sound to transfer data there can be great opportunities like mobile payments with sound but also big chances of problems like other noises interfering with a chirp.


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