Ovaltine’s Quotagraph

Ovaltine’s created a Facebook app that lets parents type in something their kid said and choose a design for it.  Non-parents doubtless will roll their eyes.  Nonetheless, the app seems to tap into the insight that this is something parents already do on Facebook to relate with other parents or just to gloat about the sheer unbelievable-ness of their child’s cuteness.


Why I’m Curious

Not curious so much as thinking this is a smart idea with the potential to reach a lot of people.  Tied to an insight: check.  Parents already sort of do this via social media.  Low barrier to entry: check.  Just liking the page lets people use it and entering some text is pretty easy, especially when a mom probably already has a few dozen hilarious things in her head that her child has said.  Adds value: I think so.  Letting parents create a little artifact to memorialize that quotation without learning photoshop is a great idea, and my guess is plenty of parents wouldn’t mind using this even if it is branded.  As an image it’s also a token that some might be more eager to share.


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