C’est super-facile, non?

Google Translate is nothing new: fueled by the eponymous search engine, Translate can translate over 60 different languages and allows you to speak your text and listen to translations aloud. But a sneaky little update to the smartphone app just a few days ago made it all the more useful: you can now scan pieces of text for direct translation. Via your smartphone’s camera, Google Translate can translate whatever it is that you’re looking, from either printed word or hand-written instructions. And similar to iOS, the app allows you to select particular text, which is even more helpful if you just need a phrase or two translated.

So, the next time you’re on a train platform in Moscow, attempting to decipher Cyrillic, fret not. Google’s got your back.

Why I’m Curious

Short and sweet today: technology is ever-green. I appreciate companies that don’t merely release projects, but continue to improve on them. This is just another manifestation of Google’s “always in beta” mentality, and I’m digging it.


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