Garage- A Convenient Way to Sell Goods

From Cool Hunting,

Garage is an iOS app aimed at people looking to unload their goods on the Internet marketplace. The remarkably simple interface lets vendors post photos of their stuff, add captions and choose shipping options in record time from the iPhone. For pricing, Garage gives the option to set dollar values or open the field to bidders. Users can also take full advantage of the social media game by tweeting and liking individual items or by following friends and vendors. Essentially, Garage is the most streamlined option around for selling your unwanted apparel, electronics, accessories, sprockets—whatever you like.

“The idea for Garage developed out of the simple fact that everyone has cupboards, rooms, even garages full of things they don’t want anymore and could sell to a new home,” explains founder Simon Beckerman in a press release. “I didn’t want to create a faceless marketplace used by strangers, but a system that is social and fun. Just as they do with Twitter or Instagram, Garage gives friends a real time way to follow one another and chat about what they have are selling and buying.”

Why I’m Curious

Garage makes selling goods convenient and enjoyable. Just take a picture and upload it to the app to sell an item. The friendly and social interface invites people to discover goods creating a fresh and fun shopping experience.

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