Facebook Now Lets You Send Photos as Real Postcards

From Mashable:

Facebook is testing a feature that allows you to turn your Facebook photos into physical postcards that can be sent to your friends.

Originally started as a hackathon project, the feature allows Facebook users to send any of their own photos to friends. You won’t be able to send public photos or photos from pages. Just like a traditional postcard, the photo will be displayed on the front of the card, and you can type a personalized message to your friend on the backside. Postcards will allow you to type in your friend’s address if you know it, or ask him or her for their physical address is you don’t.

The service is powered by Sincerely, the company behind Postagram, an app that allows you to send Instagram photos as postcards using an app on your phone for $.99.

Only available to a select number of Facebook users now, a Facebook representative tells Mashable that they’re trying out a few different price points for the service before deciding on a final cost.

Why Am I Curious?

Maybe I am a little too old but as convenient as e-cards are, to me nothing replaces the surprise and delight of getting a good old postcard in the mail. I think this is a lovely way to bring social, namely Facebook, and the sentiment of sending an actual postcard together and bring personalization and humanity into the way we communicate.


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