adidas Captures Lollapalooza Action With Animated GIF Photo Booth


adidas Originals wanted to have a presence at Lollapalooza this month for their new #represent campaign so they reached out to agency Digital Kitchen, who provided their animated GIF photo booth for the event. The ‘Protobooth’ helped connect the event with the social web, with the addition of a site that works across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Visit to see the gallery of animated GIFs from Lollapalooza.

Why I’m curious:

Party photobooths are nothing new, but the party GIF booth is. Adidas takes a classic party favorite and one-ups it, creating a highly sharable, visually engaging medium that can help perpetuate Lolla (and Adidas) long after the event is done. Moreover, at an event like Lolla, you’re catering to tastemakers — people who are inherently interested in self-promotion. Adding the Adidas logo and hashtag those GIFs essentially makes the photographed do the hard part of spreading and sharing your branded content.

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