‘The Expendables’ movie on Tumblr

‘The Expendables’ is an action movie featuring a who’s who of action stars: Stallone, Norris, Schwarzenegger, even Dolph Lundgren.  The official site is about what we’ve come to expect, but there are some social media extensions that got my attention.

Track ‘Em Find ‘Em Kill ‘Em is a Tumblr blog they call the ‘field guide’ to the Expendables.  Users can navigate and share a variety of movie content, from dossiers on the characters to a flipbook of weaponry.

Why I’m Curious
I’ve seen custom Tumblr blogs, and this is among the most custom designs I’ve seen.  In terms of content I think it raises some interesting questions.  If a movie or other entity can market itself with a bunch of non-linear, microchunked content, with each piece having its own life through sharing and comments, it sort of makes me wonder why anyone would want the old-school ‘brochureware’ version of an official site.  How long might it be before more brands abandon having their own sites altogether in favor of simply leveraging social platforms?


Share your thoughts.

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