Rediscover Pictures Buried in Your Inbox with Lost Photos

From Cool Hunting,

In the past we lost photos in attics, closets and shoe boxes stuffed under beds. Now, they just as easily go unnoticed deep in the depths of email inboxes. To bring these neglected snaps back to light, Lost Photos weeds through your email account of choice to find any photos that may have gotten forgotten in the shuffle, taking the legwork out of the otherwise tedious task of sifting back through old emails. Simply choose an email account, log in and give it a few minutes to work.

Lost Photos uncovered thousands of .jpg and .gif files among as many emails, taking us back to some of our favorite yet forgotten stories in the past year or so. If you want to expedite the task, the home page lets the user turn off .gif search or skip over images prior to an adjustable date. Once the images start popping up, share them among several social media outlets, or just hit “view photos in finder” to see the results neatly organized by date in a desktop folder.

Why I’m Curious

The same feature that the app offers can be applied to search and organize other type of documents lost in the abyss of e-mails.  The utility aspect of the app can provide convenience for users who are desperately looking for an important document. With the amount of transactions that are done by e-mail, the app’s feature can have value in different industries.


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