Move a Car by Cheering for the Olympics

-By Vicky

Volkswagen Holland challenged sports fans to show support for their athletes in the Olympics by presenting free tickets to the London Olympics for the fans that cheered the loudest. In order to determine which fans were cheering most enthusiastically, Volkswagen created a car that moves purely off of noise. So as the fans screamed and shouted in the car, the vehicle would move. The louder the fans cheered, the faster the car would go. For the competition, fans had to power the car through 100 meters, and whichever team had the fastest time won tickets to the 2012 Olympics.

Why I’m Curious 

With so many brands creating campaigns around the Olympics, I thought it was interesting to see how brands that weren’t related to the Summer Games created campaigns that linked the brand and the Olympics together. In Volkswagen’s case, the result was fun for participants and created a great viral video as well.


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