Hunt the Flag – London

There are quite a few ads for and during the Olympic games, naturally. So standing out amongst all of them is key. With this in mind, Turkish Airline has launched their QR Flag campaign.

“Agency McCann Turkey turned national flags from competing countries into QR codes and placed them on bus shelters ads throughout the city, forming a scavenger-hunt game. When people find and scan one of the codes, they automatically “check-in” to that flag via the mobile site (which also provides information on the nearest bus shelter). The person with the most check-ins wins a return flight on Turkish airlines to one of its 200 destinations.” – Creative-online 

Click image to go to video

Why I’m Curious

With the often random placing of QR Codes, it is interesting to see them used in a more engaging and overall beneficial way. With all of the traveling on international and local/public transportation, this is a great way to get to consumers where they already are while promoting your brand.


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