Facebook Introduces New Curation Based Platform, Facebook Stories

Facebook has launched a new site dedicated to sharing the extraordinary, quirky and thought-provoking stories and ideas from the more than 950 million people around the world who make up Facebook’s community.

From Facebook: 

This month, we’re highlighting stories about memories. Recently, we metMayank Sharma, a 29-year-old man from New Delhi, India, whose entire memory was lost after he contracted tubercular meningitis. As he recovered, Sharma used Facebook’s People You May Know feature to help piece together the time he lost and was overwhelmed by the response. The connections he developed sent him notes and mementos to help him recover some sense of the life he had led. Though Mayank’s memory hasn’t returned – doctors are baffled as to why the damage was so great – these contributions proved to be valuable breadcrumbs for getting his life back on track.


Why I’m Curious:

In addition to video content, the Facebook Stories introduces several other features such as archival stories from the New Yorker magazine (content normally only accessible through a paywall), a Goodreads curated book list known as “The Bookshelf” and a Spotify-fueled and artist-curated tracklist known as “The Playlist.” And the company will also produce a podcast and infographic corresponding to the theme. [more]

I think this only further highlights the importance of content curation and storytelling online. 

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