Curate and visualize all your content through Hypemarks

– By Nicole

Hypemarks is a social bookmarking site that helps you discover the web through your friends. It’s basically Pinterest but for links. Hypemarks aggregates tweets, pictures and links from celebrities and influencers across a number of topics; readers can scan a single Pinterest-like page to learn about an industry (tech, design, sports) in a snapshot.

Beyond industry snapshots, people can discover interesting content through their friends. While this may seem like a Facebook feed, I think people tend to share less on Facebook to avoid spamming. Hypemarks is all about visualization and making it easier to find and categorize content. When you share content on Facebook and Twitter, you can’t keep a tab on the category but on Hypemarks you can create “collections” that allow you to compile all of your content together.

Why I’m Curious 

I think Hypemarks has a lot of potential. It’s still in its infancy stages but I believe that industry influencers and brands will find utility in visualizing and curating their content beyond Facebook and Twitter. It’s not just about pretty product pictures; it requires individuals to find content that is worth sharing.

Everyone can become his or her own content curators with various collections. We all know that digital consumers adore visualized and user-friendly content feeds. Hypemarks appeals to both of those demands.


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