Vyclone Transforms Multiple Videos Into A Single Video Masterpiece

– Jordan

From Mashable:

The app lets two or more users create a collaborative video with others who are also shooting an iPhone video in physical proximity to them even if you’re not friends with or even aware the other people are shooting a video.

The result is an almost instant multi-angle video of an event that you’ll swear was created by a professional video editor.

Vyclone uses the GPS in your iPhone to determine your location. If you’re recording a video with the app at the same time and place as another person, then the app will automatically edit together your two videos into one ultimate video mix.

Once you’re done recording -– videos are currently limited to one minute in length — you’ll have the option to make the finished product available for just your crew (people you’re linked to on Vyclone), the Crowd (people who were around you when the video was recorded), or Everyone.

Video Demo

Why I’m curious:

I love the automation that this app brings. Going home with content from one perspective is cool but to have multiple camera angles at a single time for an event and to have it all edited for you is amazing. This app has some serious potential and I can imagine it could extend into other platforms.


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