Shameless Braggers…tsk tsk

Some people can really over do it on social media when it comes to showcasing their personal lives. I mean we all know how much people love to Instagram pictures of their food. But some people go beyond their food; some people really want you to know just how fabulous and intelligent they are. C’mon we all know them.

So Digiday decided to create a special Twitter account for calling out those in the digital media industry who have no shame when it comes to talking about themselves and their fabulous lives via Twitter: @dmbrags. The popular Tumblr,  Rich Kids on Instagram is a similar concept but this Twitter is much more targeted to the intellectual braggers.


Why I’m Curious 

This concept perfectly highlights the people who overshare their personal lives on their social media channels. Because while a Tweet may be what you think is a simple tweet, other people might be reading it differently. It would be very daring if a brand tried to execute a similar concept. If the category fits, why not use social media in a fun, witty way to engage customers.

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