Samsung Galaxy S3 brings hotel services to your fingertips – Literally!

Samsung’s Galaxy S III is not only the official smartphone of the 2012 Summer Olympic games, but it is also a pretty nifty gadget to have if you happen to be staying in London’s Stratford Holiday Inn.

Guests staying in one of the 40 VIP rooms will receive a Galaxy S III smartphone with a customized Holiday Inn app capable of:

  • Checking in and out
  • Locking and unlocking doors
  • Controlling lighting
  • Acting as an in-room phone extension
  • Controlling the AC
  • Ordering room service
  • Controlling the room’s TV

Additionally, the app will be updated regularly with the latest Olympic event news, schedules and information, ensuring that all VIP guests are connected to the games no matter where they are.

Why Am I Curious?

I like this because it is such an intuitive use of the technology and is a great fit for the world of hospitality. Yet it is quite novel except in the sense that except for some trials at a few hotels in Asia, it has not been leveraged. Clearly, to this point, it did not fully catch on – potentially due to security concerns and/or costs – but I am interested in the kind of feedback it will receive this time around and if it will become something that gets rolled out to the larger population.

Share your thoughts.

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