Passion Pit’s new app gives fans interactive experiences with songs

From The Creators Project:

Passion Pit released a new “app EP” yesterday, the Passion Pit Gossamer app, which features four different interactive experiences for the songs “Take A Walk” and “Carried Away.” Developed by interactive artist Scott Snibbe and his studio (whose work you may remember from Björk’s Biophilia app album), the project serves as further proof that mobile apps are gaining traction in the music world as the kind of album supplement artsy limited-edition CD packages and high budget music videos used to dominate.

Why I’m curious:

Brands don’t always have to create the experience for the consumer — instead, give the consumer tools to create their own experience. This is yet another example of how consumer experiences are no longer just about consumption but about participation. Rather than listening to music, then listening and watching a music video, it’s about playing with the artist’s project in different ways and sharing it with your own network. Passion Pit has already made sure it’s visually and aurally cool, and now it’s time for us to put our touchscreens to work to remix it.


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