Olympic Hotel Uses Smartphone To Control Check-In, Room Service & TV

Samsung’s Galaxy S III is not only the official smartphone of the 2012 Summer Olympic games, but it is also a pretty nifty gadget to have if you happen to be staying in London’s Stratford Holiday Inn.

Guests staying in one of the 40 VIP rooms will receive a Galaxy S III smartphone with a customized Holiday Inn app capable of checking in and out, locking and unlocking doors, controlling the AC, ordering room service, and controlling the room’s TV.

Additionally, the app will be updated regularly with the latest Olympic event news, schedules and information, ensuring that all VIP guests are connected to the games no matter where they are.

Why I’m curious:

Unlike other smartphone launch giveaway campaigns targeting tech bloggers and influencers, Samsung made a smart move to distinguish itself by focusing on lifestyle-driven approach while still maintain the innovation component. By letting hotel VIP guests experiment with the cutting-edge mobile technology during their stay in London, and combined it with the timely Olympic events,  Samgsung successfully translated technology specs into a brand story around innovation and utility. However, where’s the social component in this app?


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