Medals, medals everywhere.

Image: Andrew Winning/Reuters via The Guardian

Are you over the Olympics yet? I’m not. As a former resident of the host city, I’m nerding out big time over seeing London gussied up and ready to shine. And even more, the digital nerd in me is getting excited over what’s shaping up as one of the most technologically-focused Olympics to date. It was just four years ago that the last summer Olympics were held in Beijing, and in the tech world, Twitter was still a baby, Facebook was just taking hold beyond students (and every advertiser needed an app – remember that trend?), and the iPhone was slowly gaining in adoption. And here we are, 2012.

So this week’s post is a round-up via Campaign magazine (I mean, why not go to a British source for this one) of Olympic happenings in the social, mobile and tech world. It even includes coverage of non-official sponsors, such as Nike. Yeah, Nike isn’t a sponsor. I was surprised, too. Have a read and prepare to be inspired: Social, Mobile and Urban – the Games Come to London.

Why I’m Curious

See above: how will technology bring us together and bring additional depth to the Olympics this year? And how will advertisers leverage this? Only time will tell.

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