Me: The Musical

We all know the Museum of me, great stuff, super fun, but what if your life was a musical? I can’t be the only one that’s wanted a sound track to their life before…right? Well Intel is back and has done it again with Me The Musical.

I checked it out with my profile and in my opinion it’s…okay. Didn’t LOVE it, but with out question it is of course very creative. It takes dates and pictures from your timeline and creates a fun video that at the least will make you smile. Check out what Mashable had to say about it here.

Why I’m Curious

What I did like about this is that after you created your musical, the video ended with a promo spot for the new Intel UltraBook computer. It was quick but definitely tied in to the whole experience well. I think that this is an amazing way to advertise their product. It gives consumers something fun to do and still ties in their message at the end.


Share your thoughts.

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