How Well Do You Know Logos?


A new web app, Brandseen, is a brand identification game that strips the color from popular logos, including Coca Cola, McDonalds and Starbucks. Players are then asked to choose the correct color from a color wheel.

From PSFK,

The short game tests your ability to recognize and reproduce logo colors to see which are easy to remember. After selecting the color you associate with each logo you’ll be scored out of 100 to show how close you were to the actual color and you can share your scores on Twitter.

Why I’m Curious

Consumers are bombarded by logos all day and games like Sporkle prove how easily we are able to recognize brands by their logos. Companies like Apple, Nike and Starbucks rarely accompany their logo with the company name.

However, the game was a lot harder than it sounds (at least for me), which shows how much some people rely on the color of the logo to associate it with the brand.


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