Google Introduces New Way to Do Mobile Search with “Handwrite”

Google added a new feature to its mobile page called “Handwrite” that allows users to scribble search terms in cursive and print. The tool turns handwritten letters into legible words and phrases and automatically performs the requested search query. To enable the tool, users must go to Google’s “Settings” page and activate the option. After enabling the tool, an icon will appear on the bottom of the home page that activates the writing surface when tapped. Currently the feature works with 27 languages and is only available on Android 2.3+ smartphones, Android 4.0+ tablets and iOS5+ mobile devices.

Why I’m Curious

If the tool becomes widely adopted it can have an impact on SEO and PPC strategies. The physical space of the screen limits the amount of letters that can be written. In other words, users would be forced to submit shorter search terms when scribbling. Short phrases and single-word keywords tend to be more competitive and have a higher bidding price. For marketers, this means that they would have to rethink how they choose keywords and distribute their PPC budget.

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