AXA sends guy to Hawaii powered by Likes

AXA created a prepaid credit card, and to connect the card to those crazy youth relied on social media to get the word out.

Cedric went from Belgium to a place called ‘Like Place’ in Hawaii, earning a dollar to his prepaid card for every Like the page received on Facebook.  From the road, various videos, photos and text posts showed his progress.  There were challenges in different cities along the route to keep it spicy: score a touchdown against a football team in NYC, eat a 72 oz. steak in Texas, etc.

Here’s the case study video:

Why I’m curious
The campaign received 27k likes, reached ten million people, demonstrated a product usage occasion and benefit again and again without being cloying, and interestingly blended elements of reality TV with Facebook.  I’m wondering what (beyond happening in a place with a bigger audience than Belgium’s) would make this interesting for an American audience?  Someone famous?  Social input determining actions and outcomes like a choose-your-own-adventure?  Seems like there might be a few principles in this campaign to consider.



Share your thoughts.

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