This Exquisite Forest – Crowd-sourced, Collaborative Animation

– Jordan

From Creativity:

Google Creative Lab has made something truly interesting coming from inspiration from “The Johnny Cash Project” and it is called “This Exquisite Forest”  It is an online art experiment that lets you collaborate with others to create animations and stories. The animation and stories grow based on which pathway users believe to be the best way to take the story which results in making an animation the best it can be essentially from a crowd-sourced perspective.

You can add a branch to an existing tree of narratives that have been started from a “seed” animation from seven artists. You can add onto those, or start your own.

You can watch a video intro of it here and the making of here.

Why I’m curious:

The trend of collaborative web is becoming a new norm. The new generation of digital users are so accustomed to this that it is popping up in app, website and even companies from Quirky to Kickstarter.


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