Social Shaming: A New Incentive For You to Stick to Your Diet

Having trouble sticking with your diet? Well, what if all your friends found out whenever you opened your fridge when you shouldn’t?

Created for a diet program Meta Real in Brazil, the Virtual Fridge Lock is a magnet that locks to your fridge and posts on their social networks when they go for an ‘unauthorized’ snack. The user’s friends could then either shame them into compliance or offer helpful motivation to stay on-track with the diet.

Created by JWT of São Paulo to help Meta Real’s new clients stick with their weight-loss programs at the most tempting of times, the device uses peer pressure and social embarrassment to motivate people towards better behavior.

Why Am I Curious?

This is interesting because this is the opposite of the ‘social machines‘ trend (remember the GE Social Fridge that pops open after 10 people check-in to it on Foursquare, revealing cold beer?). As opposed to social activity automatically triggering a physical action, in this situation a physical action triggers a social activity. It is interesting but there is something i find somewhat offensive about this application, and I am wondering if there can be other applications of this trend that goes beyond using social judgement as a training tool.


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