GIFS and memes are becoming extremely popular in the digital space. Popular sites like 9gag.com and #Whatshouldwecall me have a very large following especially with young internet users. They allow users to create their own content and add their own voice. However, the only problem with these sites is that you tend to see the same gifs and memes over and over again. I think a huge reason is due to the fact that gifs are difficult to make if you don’t know how to use movie software.

This past weekend, I was introduced to the #MyFaceWhen app, which allows Iphone users to easily create GIFs. The process is very simple: you record a 15 second video of you or whomever you want and then the app compresses it for you into a GIF. Then you tweet it or message it to your friends. For example, here’s a compressed GIF I made of one of my dogs.


Mashable Article 

Why I’m Curious 

I’m curious to see how this app will do once it generates more buzz (released in May). I think it could potentially be very successful because it allows consumers to generate their own content and share it with their friends. Not to mention, it’s quick and user-friendly.

Moreover, I think any brand that’s trying to target the younger market can leverage this app. Because let’s face it, even the most popular brands have a difficult time encouraging consumers to create their own content. But instead of asking them to create a video, what if a brand asked consumers record their reactions to one of their products (ex. #MyFaceWhen I got my new pair of _____ shoes). The whole idea behind the app is to capture reactions and what better way to speak for you product than to have an authentic reaction?


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