Musicplayr Sparks Unified Listening

Socializing music is hardly a new topic for the digital landscape. However, a tool in beta called Musicplayr, puts a new spin on how users enjoy their tunes by creating “unified listening,” as its founders Thorsten Luettger and Stefan Vosskoetter say. This service merges certain features of various music platforms like Spotify and in efforts to allow users to make playlists from music scattered all over the Internet.

It’s simple: you can link any music you find on the Internet to playlists which can be private or public to be shared with other users. Musicplayr accepts links from platforms like YouTubeSoundCloudVimeo and DailyMotion, links from music blogs and MP3s uploaded by users.

According to Silicon Allee, all the music you gather is accessible from one place, and just hitting play will allow you to listen to a continuous stream of songs from a variety of platforms, with the ability to skip forward and back, pause and repeat. The other way to use Musicplayr is in discovery mode – by ‘following’ other users you can create a stream of new music straight to your computer as they link songs to their own playlists.

The advantage that Musicplayr has over other discovery platforms is that recommendations come directly from humans, not algorithms. And that means it’s curated by humans – you can choose which songs you share and which ones you don’t.

Why I’m Curious: My eclectic music taste piques my curiosity for a tool of this nature. I’ve spent hours making my own lists of various links I’d like to listen to before, and now Musicplayr does all the hard work for me. I also really believe there may be an opportunity for brands to leverage this for consumers, especially with the “follow” feature. Various brands, particularly in the entertainment sector, may use this platform to integrate within certain campaigns and artistically identify their brand by the links they share.


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