Google Brings to Life the Power of the Web in Museum Exhibit

Google teamed up with The Science Museum in London to visually show the power of the web. The museum and the web giant created a yearlong exhibit that consists of five experiments that can be experienced physically or online at The Web Lab’s microsite. Each experiment is intended to communicate one of the Web’s capacities or features. For example, the “Universal Orchestra” allows people from distant locations to make music by playing a set of instruments located at the museum; this visibly highlights how the Internet enables people to collaborate. The other four experiments focused on showing how the Web can connect humans to physical objects, create the sensation of being somewhere else, make information readily accessible and trace data.

Why I’m Curious

More than communicating the Web’s capacity Google and The Science Museum in London brought it to life. The experience paints a clear picture by creating a physical representation that communicates the web’s power. Telecommunications companies like Verizon can show the power of their network by creating similar sensory experiences that portray the product’s benefits.


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