Doritos Provides Mariachis for Fans’ Parties

Doritos UK and Mariachi bands are back for another appearance on Curious Fridays. This time for the Mariachi Doritos Tour. As part of a campaign with the tag line “For fun, add a little Mexican,” Doritos is sending a mariachi band on a tour around the UK playing both mariachi music and awesome covers of more ‘traditional’ British tunes. In addition to making the videos viewable on the brand’s Facebook page, Doritos is also offering personal livestreams to fans that enter for a chance on their Facebook tab.

Why I’m Curious

The campaign ties both live physical and digital events together nicely. It also provides a nice frame to posts on the Dorito’s social channels. What I’m more curious about is why the engagement with the content is so low. The videos have a decent amount of views, but the posts on the Facebook page are markedly lower than content like the hamster riding a chip. There’s a tendency to think about campaigns and everyday content as two separate pieces, but I think as we move forward with social, that things need to be more intrinsically tied together. Could livestreams happen more often and involve more fans? Could videos just be posted to share with others from the wall? In any case, it definitely seems the idea could have a more engaging execution.


Share your thoughts.

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