It’s Travel Season…

Recently, I’ve unfortunately been chosen as the designated planner for a trip with some of my friends. It has been a long and stressful task to say the least. So when I came across the KLM: Trip Planner it seemed perfect to highlight in this week’s Curious Friday’s.

The Planner not only let’s you choose a number of interesting destinations, but then let’s you give all the information to your friends over Facebook and have them weigh-in on the location and confirm attendance. Read more on Creativity.

Watch the video:

Why I’m Curious

Though my recent trip planning fiasco was a main reason that this caught my eye, what I am also interested in is how KLM utilized Facebook. With things changing and growing on ‘the book’ the possibilities of how to integrate it into campaigns are endless. Additionally, I think this is a great way for an airline to connect with customers. Everyone knows that the planning part of a trip is the worst and they’ve made it a little bit easier and a little more fun.


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