Tapping into Bloggers who Fly Helicopters with Machine Guns!

– Ethan

From Digitalbuzzblog:

Here is a great piece of social outreach from Call of Duty in anticipation of the next instalment of the mega game franchise, which is due out this week… Tapping into perhaps the most famous gun blogger on YouTube, FPSRussia (who, with his almost 2.5 million subscribers seems to get his hands on literally every gun available) to review very latest in military technology, The Quadrocopter Machine Gun, controlled by a tablet and armed with self destruct!

It’s subtle, and not mentioned until the very very end of the video, but this is a sponsored post by Call of Duty to build hype for the upcoming release around what looks like a new in-game weapon.

Why I’m curious:

Who negotiated this guy’s contract…


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