Little Monsters

Lady Gaga has recently launched a web community that looks a lot like Pinterest. Little Monsters began by invitation only, with 10,000 super fans chosen from 1 MM applicants, but is expected to be soon opened up to all. Fans will be able to download her music, buy tickets to shows, and chat with each other and even the singer. It will also feature “social ticketing” which will make it easy for fans to find concert seats near friends, and start conversations beforehand with strangers they will be sitting with (ok, weird).
Why I’m Curious
I’m interested in following the evolution of online communities, and in the ongoing debate around consolidation with the established players (Facebook, Twitter, etc) versus the expansion to brand owned social channels.  Backplane, the company behind this project, seems to think that this approach can work not only for icon sunch as gaga, but wants to apply the learnings that they gather through this community, to the development of other “parallel communities” (think large household brand names) connecting people with similar passions.
Troy Carter, Lady Gaga’s business manager says that the experience with Lady Gaga has taught him that what a super fan says can sometimes have a bigger impact on fellow fans than a word from the lady herself. So that definitely seems to be the winning approach. Plus, with an increasing focus on visual storytelling across social channels, having advocates generate the content on a brand’s behalf is a cost efficient and engaging way to fulfill that need.

Share your thoughts.

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